Gaurav Gupta, IAS

Principal Secretary,
Department of IT BT,
Government of Karnataka

Principal Secretary’s Message

Karnataka has a conducive ecosystem that has contributed to the growth of Information Technology, Electronics manufacturing, Biotechnology, Animation and other knowledge-based industry in the State.

This ecosystem has also contributed to Karnataka and Bengaluru growing to be one of the 20 best Startup ecosystems in the world. The Government of Karnataka has been taking many proactive steps to encourage new Entrepreneurs. The State was the forerunner in introducing funding through KITVEN-I to small enterprises, much before funding support for Startups has become the focus of the day.

In order to strengthen the existing ecosystem in Bengaluru as well as to create a similar stimulating environment in two tier cities, Government of Karnataka came up with a multi-sector Startup Policy in November, 2015. This Policy consolidates a number of initiatives which the Government has already been implementing in IT and BT sectors, and expects to promote similar growth in other manufacturing sectors especially in high technology areas.

The Startup portal is proposed to be used to disseminate information on government policies, act as a collaborative platform for interaction between all stakeholders, and facilitate Startups to access various incentives and benefits.